We are system integrating company providing highly skilled services to the telecom operators and OEMs. All the services provided to our clients are executed by our field force wherein all the telecom equipment are provided by our clients as per the requirement. We can broadly represent our services into the following six categories:

Telecom Implementation Services (TI)

Installation, Commissioning & Integrating of Telecom equipment along with switches and routers including all the activities needed to make a base transmission system operational and to function as a part of a telecommunication network. We specialize in installation of Microwave Antenna, GSM Antennas along with BTS & other network related equipment at cell sites to provide the best coverage to the user. The growth in mobile subscriptions and data traffic place an increasing need for upgrading / modernizing networks. This requires regular installation of new equipment and swapping of equipment for upgradation. Through our highly trained engineers and technicians we are able to do efficient and effective implementation.
Radio Frequency Services (RF)

RF testing simulates multiple radio frequencies across the spectrum to ensure devices with integrated wireless technologies function seamlessly. The safe and effective use of radio frequencies is crucial for all devices with integrates wireless technologies. Moreover, high quality of services in mobile networks is the prerequisite for the commercial success for an operator. In the process of maintaining quality network for the user, continuous optimization is a process which focuses on the checking network quality and continuously take actions for repairs and adjustments as needed. Following are the operational activities which is supported by us to maintain the desired quality of the network.
  • Pre and Post site launch KPI’s (SCFT & SCVT)
  • Drive Test Analysis
  • VoLTE Performance Analysis
  • Dropped Call Analysis
  • Interference Analysis
  • Traffic and Throughput Analysis
  • Worst Cell Analysis
Engineering Procurement Construction Managements (EPCM)

We offer and end to end solutions to our clients on the EPCM Projects. Our clients engage us as their contractors where we deploy our engineers and skilled labourer’s to deliver various projects as per their requirement. We are engaged as a specialist contractor for all types of Green Field and Brown Field projects since we have the capacity and capability of performing various services required to execute and complete the projects timely and with quality. The client can structure the partnership in the way that best suits the interests of their project. We are creating Ware Houses, Tower Sites, NOC Centers, Consumer Experience Centers, Showrooms etc which is all covered in our EPCM business tower.
Managed Services (MS)

Managed services or Operation and Maintenance services include day-to-day operation, upkeep and upgradation of network equipment to ensure that the performance is maintained at the agreed SLA and KPI levels. We support OEMs and Telco’s in management of their Cells Sites and NOC infrastructure. We have a team of well-trained technical resources who are capable of ensuring 99.5% Uptime of the network for the Telco’s. With our highly trained work force, the operators are increasingly engaging our services in maintaining the network by outsourcing the entire geographies while keeping a tight watch on the SLA and KPI’s that are agreed upon. At Steelman, we manage software and hardware upgrades, NOC Management, Preventive and Corrective Management, routine breakdown maintenance for all the Active and Passive elements that are installed at the cell site. We are also one of the largest O&M Service provider for the Large facilities which are very critical for the Telco’s as all the network is monitored through these facilities. We support by providing highly experienced manpower at these facilities and keep a service assurance of 100% uptime on a 24/7/365 basis.
Payroll & Resource Management

We offer our manpower outsourcing and payrolling services to all the leading OEM’s and Telco’s with our extensive network of Engineers, Technicians and Riggers who are highly skilled, competent and reliable professionals. These resources are then used by our Clients for various activities and work on site at our client premises under their supervision and management. When it comes to manage projects and need in depth knowledge of project management, they look to us for providing such technical talent. We undertake these assignments for our clients to provide them with flexibility, cost reductions, ease of recruitment processes, employee lifecycle management and exit management. We also assist our clients by providing customized professional and third party based training like Height Training for climbing towers or Electrical training for ensuring safety while working on electric panels.
New Generation Technology

We offer new generation tech offerings in Managed Services by using Artificial Intelligence and Services Automation. These services are using a state of the art automation where the customer gets cost reduction and better achievement of the KPI’s. We are entering the era of 5G and at Steelman we are not only enabling the 5G network but working very closely with our Clients for enabling smarter phones and guide the user with new immersive experiences, such as VR and AR, with faster, more uniform data rates, lower latency, and cost-per-bit. We are enabling services that can transform industries with reliable, available, low latency links like remote control of fussy infrastructure, vehicles, and medical procedures. 5G can seamlessly connect a massive number of embedded sensors in virtually everything through the capability to scale down data rates, power, and mobility to provide an extremely lean/low-cost solution. With 5G services in the horizon we are geared to cater to cloud services across sectors like
  • Big Data and Data Science Services
  • Data Science Solutions
  • Services Integration on 5G networks
  • Security Solutions for Cloud and 5G Networks
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Services