Enhance Performance and Competitiveness of Existing Business

We intend to utilize project management skills to access the growing demand for telecom projects in India. We plan to use our expertise to bid for a large number of projects and deploy our resources more efficiently and improve operating margins. We believe that the speed and reliable network performance are critical components to the success of wireless service providers. Our ability to assist customers in meeting their goals will contribute to our success. We intend to continue to focus on customer service with emphasis on increasing efficiency and effectiveness. We expect that with our speed and agility in project execution we will be able to generate more business enabling optimum utilization of our resources.

Strengthening our Technical Capabilities

We believe the successful implementation of our business and growth strategies depends on our continuous efforts to keep abreast with latest technology in the telecom industry. We intend to enter in the areas of the latest upcoming new age technology i.e. 5G. This will enable us to further strengthen our relationships with our existing clients. Most of the existing operators are upgrading to the next level of technology like 5G, requiring either setting up of new telecom infrastructure or upgrading of the existing one. This provides us an ideal opportunity to capitalize on our existing relationship with our clients and use our expertise to get projects involving new technical innovations

Focus on Research and Development

We believe constant research and development would enable us to remain ahead of competition and also to help customers to enhance their efficiency. Increased competition in the industry has forced telecom operators to continuously invest in technical innovation. We intend to continue to focus on Research and Development to enable us to move up the value chain. This will lead us to generate a deep understanding of network requirements of our customers. Our understanding of the network requirements of our customers and our ability to execute effectively on those requirements are key to these efforts.

Expand Geographical Presence

India has been on the forefront of the telecom technology revolution. By virtue of this, telecom support service providers like us have garnered considerable experience and technical expertise. Huge telecom investments are happening in various nations to cater to growing demands and expectations of end users. We intend to utilize our expertise and project management skills to access the growing opportunity in telecom projects outside India. We are looking forward to entering into new geographical markets, Asia Pacific Region in particular. We are keen to explore possibilities to venture into such countries where margins are high and plan to target such countries where we can leverage our capabilities effectively and expand our revenue base.

Continue to Recruit, Retain and Train Qualified Personnel

We believe that our growth depends on our ability to hire and retain experienced, motivated and well trained members of our management and ground teams. We intend to continue to recruit, retain and train qualified and skilled personnel and be ready for the upcoming work in newer technology. We plan to empower management leadership to excel by decentralizing operational decision-making to those who best know the business needs of each plant, and to encourage the building of our knowledge base by sharing best practices from different locations.