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Steel Man Telecom is leading developer of Telecom Infrastructure in India, starting from Telecom Network Planning and Design through ...


   Advantage Working with STEEL MAN TELECOM & Co.

      1) ISO Certified Company for quality Check and proper documentation for           future reference.
      2) Estd 1986 Long exprience and the stability.
      3) Excise registered for Excise and Customs benefit.
      4) PF & ESI register to give benifit for our worker it mandatory by the Govt. of           India.
      5) Service tax Registration for maintenance.

          We are also distributor for SPINNER in India so component viability is always           there. We are distributor For Agilent Technology, Fujikura, Ilsintech & Exfo.           Advanteg is viability for the testing and measuring equipment.

          We are in manufacturing Tower Component like Cable clamp, Earthing Kit,           Leader & Cable tray.

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