Full Turnkey Telecom Solution

Looking forward with the need of telecom industry we had developed ourselves in a manner that our customer need not have to look for any other partner for any of his need in telecom industry from Radio Network Planning to Site Maintenance STPL provides complete solution to the clients,we have our strong management teams for every particular projects to handover

Telecom Implementation Solution (TI)

STPL offers a comprehensive portfolio of Support Services and Remote Infrastructure Management Services aligned to the business domain of our Clients.  Our support is tailored to customer requirements and has the flexibility to implement and manage key projects that is a part of our ongoing operations. This provides our customers the best – allowing them to focus on their core competencies

Infrastructure Rollout (Civil & Electrical)

When we talk about Infrastructure Roll Out Steelman Telecom Pvt Ltd works as a key player in providing infra services to OEM/ Operators, we provide complete infra solutions to the customer in both Civil and Electrical domain.We provide complete services for both,new roll outs or an existing infra upgradation from tower base to Pole mount installation. Services include:- Installation of

Technical Support Services (RF)

We excel in RF Planning, Optimization, Bench Marking, Transmission Planning, In-building Solutions and Manpower Deployment. We have expertise in GSM, GPRS/EDGE, CDMA 3G-1X, CDMA EV-DO, WCDMA and WiMax technologies. Service Includes:- Radio Network Planning Transmission Network Planning Radio Network Optimization In Building Solutions Benchmarking Services EMF Testing Consultancy Services Turnkey Project Managemen Current Project Details:- Operator:MTS.Project Type:CDMA Sector Expansion Drive

Operation & Maintenance (TI & OFC)

Steelman Telecom Pvt Ltd is well equipped to provide Operation and Maintenance Support at the sites to our clients.The revenues from AMCs are dependent on the number of sites,which in turn are set to increase with many operators announcing large scale expansion plans.We are well positioned to take advantage of the increasing AMC business on the back of our skilled

Resources Outsourcing Services

Service Introduction: In today’s turbulent environment,the telecommunication industry has been considering out-of-the-box strategies to help economic uncertainty. Outsourcing solutions help telecom companies manage cost pressures,gain access to specialized resources,optimize existing investments and establish a flexible strategy to retain and acquire more customers. Traditional operating models have had to undergo a re-think as managing growth,human performance challenges,technology imperatives and the need